Friday, August 24, 2007

Where The Books Are

I purchased three really interesting bird books today. This first one looks amazing, I basically read the entire thing in the store and just had to have it. I don't normally buy things that I don't absolutely need, but I treated myself today, and all of these were discounted heavily.

This second book looked appealing to me because I'd heard from a professional birder recently that there is a new thought (and research) behind why birds call, and that it's not always for any real purpose. I am not sure I can accept that, as I would think that birds only really "talk" when there is a real reason, but I'm going to read this book and see what I can learn.

This last book had one of the funniest cartoons I've seen in a long time. Inside the book, there is an illustration by Robert A. Braunfield of a woodpecker entering items into a journal, recording what humans he saw that day and what they were wearing along with the color of their hair and eyes, just like we do with birds.

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