Sunday, March 11, 2007

Betty Daena

Photo Credit: Alfonso/Hudson Valley

Those who know me are familiar with the amazing rescue that my friend Mary and I performed together-right after witnessing a pitbull being beaten on the head with a scrub brush, while awaiting a car inspection at a garage. We moved quickly and got her to the Vet who stitched up the bloody gash. Betty went on to lead a full, happy and wonderful life, even becoming a modern medical miracle.

Betty went on to defy modern medicine with a will to live that defeated death for over six years. I could write a book about Betty, in fact, there actually has been a short story and magazine article published about her, in addition to her being mentioned in the New York Times. However, I believe this plaque I made for each one of her Vets and their assistants, sums things up quite nicely:

To Betty's handlers, Doctors and technicians,

Thank you for your extraordinary care of Betty on Sunday March 11, 2007. Although she was too sick to stay with us, we believe she’s in a better place.

Betty got sick all at once. We had a Vet tell us she's seen this many times before as she feels dogs are so loyal that they see it as their duty not to show signs of illness in front of their loved ones.

Six years ago Sunday, the day she crossed over, we had had seven vets tell us that Betty had nothing but scar tissue left for kidneys and didn't have more than a few weeks/months left. It was then that we found an herbalist protege of Juliette de Barcly Levi who immediately began treating Betty with herbs. Betty bounced-back almost instantly, and miraculously Sunday was SIX full years to the date.

Betty went with all the dignity, character, spirit and life that she gave to all who met her, and she will remain in our hearts and with us, forever. I can tell you that Betty changed my life and made me a better person, so if you ever see any good qualities in me, they probably came to be thanks to the beloved "Miracle Dog."

It wasn't her time six years ago, but only a few knew it. Sunday there was no question.

We’ve attached two articles that ran in major publications because of Betty. What a force of nature she was. Enjoy, and thank you for allowing us to share this and to be open to it. We've been crying for almost two days non-stop, and compiling this has been very healing.