Sunday, October 23, 2005

Operation Road Trip Clawdia!

Photo Credit: Michelle Morris/New York City

Most of my friends are familiar with our beloved church-cat, Clawdia. Clawdia was a staple of many-a-service and sermon of the former Washington Square Church that ran out of funding and had to be sold. The church took her in as a stray kitten, over 16 years ago, and she was famous for entering the sanctuary on Sunday mornings, during worship. We were very fortunate that a member's family volunteered to adopt her, however, they were in Virginia, so of course there's a story:

Operation Road-Trip Clawdia! JULY 18, 2005

Clawdia has a new home!!! Operation Road-Trip Clawdia was a HUGE success with the spontaneous acceptance of Gladys and Bob (Michelle’s parents), offer to take Clawdia in as part of their family.

Clawdia had a pre-move physical on Thursday, and her tests for Feline Leukemia and Feline HIV came back negative. “Adventure Michelle”, “Mennonite M.E.K.”, and “Drive-By Emily” picked up Clawdia from her temporary home on Saturday and climbed into the car for a long and rainy road-trip to Roanoke, VA. Clawdia behaved like a lady in the car, and didn’t make a peep once the rubber hit the road. Eight hours later, Clawdia was curiously exploring her new room in another state.

Clawdia will be allowed some privacy until she feels like meeting the other kitties. She loves the bay window, and is already enjoying Virginia bird watching. Clawdia will have another visit to the Vet very soon, to put her on much needed thyroid medication (some of you may remember that she had thyroid surgery a few years back, but she never went on medication). According to her recent physical, the thyroid medication should fix Clawdia’s over dilated eyes, regulate her blood pressure, and allow her to finally gain some weight.

Special thanks are in order to the following members of Clawdia’s entourage: "Tap-Dancer Annie,” who despite being allergic, housed and cared for Clawdia while she waited for a permanent home. Mary Ellen, who spent many hours searching for a new home for Clawdia, made sure she made her Vet visits, and who ultimately tracked down her medical records and then tended to Clawdia’s every need during the trip to VA. Emily, who also worked to find Clawdia a home, was an excellent Road-Trip DJ, and great at peeling bananas for Michelle as she drove. Michelle was Clawdia’s official chauffeur through numerous torrential downpours, and Bill, gassed up the car, checked the oil, transmission fluid, tire pressure, washed the windshields inside and out, packed the cooler, filled the water jug, AND packed a bag of rockin’ road food. Lastly, a word of thanks to MEK’s Aunt Ruth, who provided additional bananas for the trip home, and to Clawdia’s new parents, Gladys and Bob, who will make sure Clawdia is happy and healthy for the remainder of her life.

The Clawdia Update AUGUST 10, 2005

Clawdia’s new parents, Gladys and Bob, have become very fond of Clawdia. They describe Clawdia as a “people cat” who comes to them whenever they walk into the room, purring loudly when she is picked up. Clawdia takes her thyroid medication twice a day, and seems to be feeling better.

Clawdia is still enjoying privacy in her own room with her favorite bay window; however, the process of multi-kitty harmony-living has begun. When there is parental supervision in the mornings and evenings, Clawdia’s room’s door is left open. All three other rascally young resident kitties; Pumpkin (Orange Tabby), Napoleon (Siamese two-tone) and Sequin (Pure Black) run in and out of the room, and Clawdia ventures out as well. She hasn’t quite warmed up to the other kitties, but there are no fights or aggressive moves. Sometimes Clawdia prefers to escape under the dresser when the others are creating a ruckus. She has made herself at home, and much to Michelle's dad's dismay, likes to sharpen her claws on his new armchair. They will need to work this out.

Clawdia has an upcoming Vet visit to check her thyroid again. Hopefully her rate will have come down closer to normal now that she’s been on the thyroid medication.

Michelle and Bill will be visiting Clawdia over Labor Day. Michelle’s sister Wendy and son Spenser, are also quite fond of Clawdia and will also be visiting that same weekend. Clawdia is sure to be one spoiled kitty on that visit! Puuuuurrrrrrrr…

Clawdia Crosses Over OCTOBER 23, 2005

Clawdia had adjusted very well to Virginia, and the entire family (pets and humans) all grew very fond of Clawdia. Clawdia had the gift of crossing over surrounded by care and love. She will never be forgotten.

Photo Credit: Michelle Morris/New York City