Wednesday, March 20, 2019

About DFIR - Moar!

I’m overdue for an update, so here we go!  I came across some pretty cool stuff recently.  I know I’ve said this before, but it really is a fantastic time to be involved in DFIR!

Nick Caldwell won me over with the very first article of his I came across, and he hasn’t disappointed me since!  He’s such a solid force of wisdom: 

The Worst Career Advice I Ever Received

Unless you live in a cave, you probably already knew this, but Eric Zimmerman has a new tool out, looks amazing!  KAPE - Kroll Artifact Parser and Extractor 

I came across this “Malware Dynamic Analysis” nugget by Veronica Kovah, one of so many great and FREE training resources available on 

Microsoft Security Intelligence puts out an annual Report, guess I knew that but forgot about it.  Really enjoyed this most recent one! 

Microsoft's Annual Security Intelligence Report

Podcasts worth mentioning: 

CISO-SecurityVendor Relationship Podcast with David Spark and Mike Johnson:

Defense in Depth Podcast with David Spark and Allan Alford:

Simple Leadership Podcast: 


World Class Investigator Podcast: 


Human Factor Security Podcast: 


The OSINT Podcast: 


Hackable Podcast by McAfee:

Inside Intercom Podcasts: 

ATM Malware Tracker: (Caution Malware!)


13 Cubed DFIR Learning Series: 


Now you can grab it here

Updated BelkaSoft, Carnegie Mellon, and eForensics training listings.