Sunday, July 8, 2007

Visiting With Friends

This weekend, I visited my friends Jason and Leni in Connecticut. They have the cutest purple house I've ever seen! It dates back to the 1600's, and when they first bought it, it was a crumbling, falling down, heap of rubble. They restored the entire place by hand. Leni told me that they even re-glazed each individual window pane, so as to restore them to their original lustre. This process could take up to 8 hours per window.

Jason is in a rock band, and they played a concert in the center of town.

Leni collects McCoy pottery.

That Chester is one cool cat. And there's a memento to dear Ooz-Cat next to him.

Their friends had this adorable female Calico cat. Did you know that it is extremely rare to find a Calico cat that is not female? Yup, most Calico's are ladies.

Now that's Mennonite!

From there it was onto The Berkshires, where I visited my distant relatives, The Shakers.

What a lovely quilt!

The famous round barn.

This photo reminds me of one of my favorite paintings, The Peaceable Kingdom by Edward Hicks.

And here's a member of The Pittsfield Elms vintage baseball team. The baseballs were a little bigger back then, and the gloves had very little padding.

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