Friday, July 27, 2007

Skinny Book

This week at work I had a funny (sad?) conversation with someone. She mentioned that she really couldn't wait to go to lunch to buy some chocolate. Chocolate? For lunch? I was curious why she'd be drawn to chocolate for lunch, so I asked. She said, "It's cheap! And I can use my corporate discount!" "Ohhhh," I said. Then I stuck my foot out there a little more and told her, "You know, that's one of the worst things you can do to your body." She said she knew that, and in fact was currently reading a book that was causing her to consider becoming a vegan. I had to know what book, because I'm sitting there thinking, hmmm, maybe she's reading Michael Pollan or Nina Planck, but oh no, she was reading the newest book by Kim Barnouin & Rory Freedman! She said it wasn't about the animals that she'd go vegan (I cringed), but about the health of the vegan diet. OY!

I'd heard a little about that book and was now very curious. After devouring the entire "excerpt" from Amazon, I am planning to run, not walk, out to buy a copy. It looks like the most entertaining read since Sandra Bernhard was writting books. Go buy this Book!

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