Saturday, July 28, 2007

Just Another Day In New York City?

Just another day in New York City? Yeah right, fat chance. Ain't no such thang, and I've got the photos to prove it.

As I'm walking back from Central Park on Fifth avenue, mixed in with a sea of shoppers with their Gucci, Chanel and Tiffany bags, I try not to stare. Any seasoned New Yorker knows to try to conceal the fact that we can't believe what we're seeing!

But up ahead of me, I notice this really colorful dude. OK, I've seen guys with stuffed parrots on their shoulders or hats, they're just wanna-be pirates, no big deal. As I get a little closer, all of a sudden the parrot starts talking to me.

So as I'm passing him, I just have to get a photograph. I managed to keep walking, and I don't even think he noticed me, so my cool, I'm-a-New-Yorker-cover, was never blown. The funniest thing that happened was when I started walking past his baby carriage and snuck a peek, there was no human baby in that carriage, but instead a miniature poodle dressed up like one. Dude! Check it out, kinda reminds me of Abby Road, except he's going the wrong way!

Today while in Central Park, I took what I believe to be a few interesting photos.

Ahhh, the New York City Pigeon. Sister to the reveled Dove, yet scorned as the flying rat. No respect!

You know, I've lived in New York City almost 18 years, and I've seen numerous photos of this John Lennon memorial, but never knew it was in Central Park, or even New York for that matter. I always thought it was in London!

This guy is so young, he still has down all around his neck! I guess if you're a sparrow, that's kind of like Baby Fat!

What a difference a week makes. Don't worry, their mom is nearby!

What a lovely butterfly!

A Beautiful Great Egret.

Gotta look this one up, white belly, dark wings.

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Anonymous said...

It really IS a beautiful (and occasionally odd) day in the neighborhood, huh? Why you're a modern day Mr. Rogers:) Great photos!!