Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Mennonited It!

I like to joke about how I "Mennonited It" when I fix something that's broken, or repurpose something instead of throwing it out. For example, I remember when we were kids and the muffler on our car would blow. Often it was due to the muffler piping, not the muffler itself, so we'd take a Campbell's Soup can, splice it, then place two of these hose-clamps around it and voila, our muffler would be good for another year or more. So this weekend when I woke up to find my coat hanger doubled-over, broken at the joint, I went to my local hardware store, bought a couple of these clamps and some piping, and my coat rack is as good as new.

This magazine, Ready Made, is chock-full of all sorts of "re-use-it" type of projects. Here's one I plan to try myself. Take an old inkjet printer and turn it into a tool chest. Check it out!

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