Sunday, January 29, 2023

Honoring Mentoring Month

If you are new to InfoSec or trying to break into CyberSecurity, this post is dedicated to you. I have revamped my DFIRLinks Website and added a whole new row of resources for newcomers or those seeking a new role. You may be wondering why, right next to “InfoSec101”, there’s a link to “Leadership” resources. Here’s why. Many of you are just trying to get your foot in the door, but if you study the materials listed in my blog, I’m confident that you will...and it might not be long until you find yourself with an opportunity to move up from your entry-level role. Additionally, I’m a firm believer that leadership skills can help you gain that chance to move ahead. Just because your job title doesn’t have, “Manager, Director, or Team Lead” in it, certainly doesn’t mean you can’t exhibit leadership qualities.

It’s never too soon to begin building “Servant Leadership” qualities. Those traits can help you with more than just your career, they can guide you to becoming a better parent, friend, spouse, sibling, child, and so much more. Being a servant leader is far more than being just a manager, so I’ve listed some resources that I hope will inspire you.

But building your character can be hard work. It can mean things like evaluating how we apologize to people. For example, there’s a way to say, “I’m sorry” which can completely absolve yourself of any responsibility for your deeds, and then there’s a way to take ownership of your words/actions, spell them out, and truly apologize in a very specific manner.

What I’m equally advocating for you, is that you land that first gig, and then once you do, you won’t want to stop learning and trying to better yourself. So, while this post is hitting the tail-end of Mentoring Month (January), I hope you will still find it useful.

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