Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Finding Your Voice

“Miracles happen when you believe in yourself enough to let go.” -credit Debra Sperling.

Many of us in InfoSec and DFIR are content creators. Perhaps you aspire to have your own Information Security YouTube, Twitch, or podcast channel like John Hammond or Black Hills Information Security. Or, maybe you strive to hone your speaking skills in front of an audience.

Some of you may know that I had a whole other career as a television executive before I broke into tech. One of the many responsibilities I held in the entertainment world was receiving copy from local TV stations (and often tweaking it), then directing the stars of #1-rated shows, helping them to make that copy read like it was their own.

If you want to engage with your audience on a whole new level, Debra Sperling’s class is for you! “You are the only authentic YOU there will ever be” - Debra... so why wouldn’t you get to know that person a little bit better?!

I have had the privilege of attending two of Frank Verderosa's free, “Meet a Coach!” events with Debra Sperling - Authenticity in Voiceover. The concepts I learned from those brief sessions were invaluable, and far exceeded in worth, the cost of her full workshop. Debra is an absolute champion, in a highly competitive field, and I believe that a lot of that is due to her mindset. Don’t get me wrong, she’s got wicked talent, but I believe it's her attitude that sets her apart. A session with her is like spending time with your own personal motivational speaker!

CyberSecurity is a vast and expansive field. Some of us are team-leads or aspiring leaders, while others in our field find ourselves behind the curtain, and perhaps prefer that. If you're a manager, are you a leader? Do you raise-up those individuals whom report into you? And do you see each one of them individually as their own unique person, understanding that one style or approach might not fit everyone on the team? Do you take into consideration every challenge that makes each of us fearfully and wonderfully made? I felt like all of those concepts were unintended take-aways from my time spent with Debra (and Frank), just by observing how they treated (and coached) others during their Webcast. Each of them are at the top-tier in their field, yet truly care about sharing what they’ve learned about their craft with others. Debra shared skills which translated into any line of work. For example, she used a scenario from her world of how one can choose to complain about “mountains of auditions to get through” vs. “wow, look at how blessed I am to have all of these auditions while others are struggling just to get one”.

I encourage everyone who seeks to be a better speaker/creator, to take Debra's "Authenticity in Voiceover" class! It’s a 3-hour, affordable coaching class, in which you’ll learn a ton about yourself, and how to capture any audience.

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