Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Some Links I Follow

Update: I had a request to update my lists below to include links to malware sample repositories.  Just a word of caution to be very careful with any of the links in red.  I also think that one of Lenny Zelter's pages about malware research samples says it all, and would advise reading his page before using any of the links in red.  I have also added a few more sites to the list, and can continue to do that as I come across additional pages.  Lastly, the OPML file has also been updated, but doesn't include many of the malware sample sites because most of them didn't seem to offer a feed option.

I've been meaning to share the list of links that I follow for a while now.  Below is a link to a spreadsheet that I created which lists separately the HTML URL's from the RSS URL's for sites which I follow.  I also added a link to my Feedly OPML dump.  I figured it would be a nice update to the blog since I don't have very much time to post these days.  Feel free to download and import into your readers, bookmarks, etc.  I have quite a few more that I didn't add because they were links to online sandboxes and/or malware repositories, so they really weren't RSS type links, and I also was a little hesitant about posting links to malware.  I think for the most part the list has been de-duped, so if it looks like there are doubles, you might find that a site simply has more than one feed that it offers, but send me a heads-up if you believe otherwise.  Also, if you would like the full list, contact me and I can send it out or post it.  Enjoy!


Feedly OPML:

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