Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Batch ip Look-Up Tool (Automated)

I first met Garth Bruen over a year ago after hearing him speak at a security conference. His company KnujOn has pioneered some interesting methods for fighting illegal online activity.

Recently tasked with culling an investigative report involving several thousand ip addresses (after de-duping), I Reached-out to Garth to ask him if he was aware of any automated ip look-up tools. I had found a few ip look-up Web sites that spit back all the information I needed for my report
( and for example), however my report was quite detailed, and the look-up sites placed limits on their number of daily inquiries as well as the type of data one could extract from those queries.

Turns out, Garth and team had run into a similar issue a few years ago, so they decided to write their own tool to perform the aforementioned types of extractions. KnujOn charges a reasonable fee to perform batch ip look-ups and extractions, but I am confident you won't be disappointed with what you get for the price.

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