Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This next week when so many of us are traveling, if you're on the road, be mindful of those who spend so much of their lives on it. Help out a trucker by blinking your lights twice if he or she passes you once their rig has cleared! This allows them to be sure it's safe to get back into the right-lane. Don't be shocked if they blink back as a thank-you! This is old-school trucker-speak that will show them you respect their space and greatly surprise them, coming from a 4-wheeler!

Photo Credit: Melissa Hinnen (2007)

Additionally, share the road! A friend designed the above bumper sticker recently to remind us all of so many needless accidents with Amish buggies. Yes, they go slower than cars or trucks, so slow down instead of rear-ending them!

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